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Their Story not Yours – A Practical Guide to Counselling.

Jeanie Civil, a leading and one of the most respected counsellors in the country, will in the video demonstrate, in three short effective interviews, the skills needed for working successfully with clients.

These skills are brought out and explained in a conversation Jeanie has with Brenda Mallon, who is also an experienced counsellor

Prior to the interview Jeanie had not met any of the clients beforehand and did not know what was going to be brought to her in the session.

These were real issues and sincere thanks go to the people who volunteered and gave their permission for their interviews to be shown on film.

This is supported by an effective booklet for this film which provides a useful toolkit for counselling people. Although the clients share gender, background, age and class you will still see an authentic experience of real life counselling session which was completely unedited from beginning to end.

The product is a 1.5 Hour on-line video available for download.

There is also an accompanying booklet (also available for download) which helps those who wish to develop their counselling techniques.

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