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Practical Counselling Skills Book


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Most people are well intentioned when they are taking on a counselling role. Some people may believe that they can help others because of their experiences of life, or how they have coped with their own issues. It may be that some people have done a little training as part of their professional or academic studies, whilst others feel that they are equipped with natural skills. Others may just want to help others, because they themselves have suffered and so they want to put something back into society, as a thank you for their own support in the past.

Whatever reasons people have for becoming a helper, most counsellors would agree that we continue to learn and that there are certain pitfalls that we all need to avoid. These are  covered in this lighthearted, yet in depth, knowledge of counselling skills and psychotherapy.

Perhaps you know about how body language can be the greatest communicator of all but here you can add to this insight by exploring and using other additional counselling techniques written by an experienced counselling practitioner. This book will enable you to learn how to hear the music behind the words. To hear what is not being said as well as what is being revealed to you. Plus you will learn a variety of new skills such as knowing how to zip up a ‘client’.

By reading and reflecting on some of these practical counselling skills the author hopes that you will be able to cascade support and love through your couselling practice. Especially knowing the importance of silence as the best kind of advice you can offer!!

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