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Pitfalls in Counselling Video Download




The Pitfalls and Misconceptions of Counselling.

More and more people are recognising how important counselling skills are and want to know how to do this as effectively as possible especially in a one-to-one relationship.

This applies whether we are working with our patients, students, customers, clients, colleagues or simply with our family and friends.

A word of warning- it is virtually impossible to ‘Counsel family and friends ‘ as we are usually too emotionally involved.

In this video Jeanie Civil, a renowned counsellor and trainer, demonstrates some of the pitfalls to avoid.

Jeanie has never met any of the clients before the filmed interview, although the people with whom she is working do bring real-life true issues, they do know that she will be working with them in an unhelpful way. This is in order to demonstrate the misconceptions of good counselling, using several pitfalls. She is deeply indebted to the volunteers for their permission to use their interview on this training project.

The product is a 50 Minute on-line video available for download.

This video is supported by the accompanying booklet ‘ Misconceptions and Pitfalls in Counselling’ which demonstrates what to avoid and the notes offers ways to be a more effective counsellor.

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