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People, Personalities and Pressure




What makes you happy? Work is fun. Life is fun. Or is it?

I guess you spend more time at work with the people, that you did not choose to live with, than you do with your own loving family, partners or friends.

Conversly, for some, work is a merciful release from the humdrum, opressive, boring, loveless existence they experience at home. Work can be the time when the powerless, downtrodden individual at home, becomes powerful and valued. It can be the time when you are with a colleague to whom you are emotionally or physically attracted. Life has a purpose, emotionally you feel replete. Sad only when the weekend, or time away from work, means feeling a sense of loss and emptiness? However what can we actively and actually do to change our mental state of misery and drudgery into handling people, personalities and pressure.

Almost everyone can experience pressure at work from time to time, it effects some a lot more than others, because of the way they think, feel or behave.This workbook will take you through the stages of first learning how to identify your pressure and secondly how to manage stress in others and yourself. In doing so you will be working smarter not harder.

As you learn to relax, become organised and in control of your tasks, then you will find time for fun. To start with, you will need to recognise your present strengths and be able to identify the areas on which you need to work.
If you really want to change you can but you will have to put in some effort (160 pages)

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