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Different Strokes Video Download


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Different Strokes Video

In this video you see Jeanie Civil, psychologist, psychotherapist, counsellor and trainer, working with five clients.

In these counselling sessions Jeanie illustrates and demonstrates alternative approaches to counselling

The videos are aimed at helping people who have already mastered the main skills of counselling and now wish to explore a more advanced and alternative approaches.

None of the clients were known, or had spoken to Jeanie at all , before they brought their issues to her.

All the interviews were spontaneously filmed and the sessions were not rehearsed or edited in anyway.

After each of the counselling sessions with Jeanie, the client then reflects on their experience with her, by talking to Brenda Mallon, who is also a credited and experienced counsellor and author.

Jeanie reviews the sessions, highlighting key points that happened during the experience.

She uses an eclectic approach to each client and demonstrates whichever theory or theories she thinks and feels will be the most appropriate for each of the individuals.

The product is a 3 Hour on-line video available for download.

There is also an accompanying booklet (also available for download) which helps those who wish to develop their repertoire in advanced therapeutic counselling.


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