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Advanced Counselling Skills Book




A lot of counselling uses Rogerian techniques; that means being non-judgmental, showing positive regard, empathizing, actively listening, managing silence, offering open questions, being client centered and genuine. It is a non-directive approach. A follow on stage is where you become more eclectic with your counselling approaches. This involves understanding and feeling different counselling theories. This book assist you by identifying the best approach for the many different clients that you are likely to meet.

The theories offed in this advanced counselling book are, Transactional analysis, Client Centered Behavior Therapy (CCBT), and Gestalt Therapy. These are all directive approaches and alternatives to Rogerian techniques and beliefs.

In many counselling situations people’s emotions are very near the surface and the person is too important to destroy, hurt or depress. As such the book includes references to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how to deal with bullying.

Finally counsellors need their own counsellors so the book finishes with ways of helping you to reduce your pressure!.

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