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Jeanie Civil’s new Practical Counselling Skills book is available!

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Jeanie Civil – Brighton Counsellor for

One to One, Group Work, Training, Counselling Books and Videos.

Jeanie is a psychotherapist and Brighton counsellor with extensive theoretical knowledge and wide practical experience. She has designed and delivered many courses to help people in a variety of roles to develop their counselling skills.

Jeanie works face-to-face as a Brighton counsellor and the sourounding area within the UK. She also works by phone and SKYPE with clients globally.

Jean uses different approaches when counselling, according to the person and to the issues that they may have at that time. These approaches use both non directive and a wide range of directive therapies, including Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Approach, Cognative Behaviour Therapy, Dream Therapy, Psychosexual therapy and NLP.

Jeanie has written and published 10 books covering many aspects of counselling, including one on assertiveness, and others on Stress Management and  Sexuality at Work. Included within these books are many insightful  questionnaires and helpful techiques for self analysis

She has made three videos which demonstrate effective counselling skills from a basic introduction through to advanced skills. Her first film of the trio is about the Pitfalls in Counselling which is intended to be a light hearted look at some of the practices some people do, actually believing that they are helping.

These counselling videos, and their accompanying notes, can be downloaded from this website (click here).

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I want Jeanie Civil as my personal daily motivator! Or failing that, an extra auntie!
GingeElanor – Twitter
Jeanie is an inspirational lady who taught me techniques for addressing conflict and raising concerns of staff. I have been able to successfully use them ever since!!
Andrew Burton, Aberdeen College
Jeanie Civil is a woman with immense talent as a therapist and teacher. She has inspired thousands of people over her career and continues to bring wisdom and joy to our working and personal world. Finally she is a glowing star in our firmament.
Brenda Mallon,psychologist/counsellor and author

Jeanie’s new book is available to buy now!

Practical Counselling Skills just £12.99!!

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